Skill Enhancement

Mildtrix Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. believes in empowering the resources with the required attributes to stand out from the regular and mediocre talent in the industry. An organized and masterly constituted training and development programs at Mildtrix Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. unleash the talent from every individual in bringing them close to perfection. The Talent Management is incorporated with a blend of skills enhancement and career orientation on a business stand point to benefit Vaanam Technologies customers. We raise the bar through significant melioration in every individual to present the right and unique talent to our clients and customers through the 3 key programs

Robust infrastructure support is extended to the training and development with state of the art facilities. A team of highly qualified and certified trainers mentor in building the talent across all the verticals in the organization. We do understand the need of advancement and up to date knowledge for our resources and sponsor them with the certifications for the trending technologies

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